Club Ethics

We are proud to be members of International Club because it is one place that we can frequent with family and friends.

Over the years, your Committee has endeavoured to maintain the tradition, ethos and character of the Club. From time-to-time we need to refresh ourselves of some basic Do Nots:

 The use of Cell phones is not permitted in the Main Bar.

 Not permitted in the Club :

     i) Round Neck T-Shirts

     ii) Slippers/Sandals without Back Strap.

     iii) Kurta with Jeans/Pants.

     iv) Chinese cut shirts over trousers.

(Please do not approach any Committee Member for ignoring the same, if your guest/s has violated the Dress Code).

 Do not forget to sign in your Guest’s in the Guest Book.

 You are not supposed to sign more than 8 guests per member. ( To have a gathering of more guests, please book
     the Cosy Room/ Skittle Alley etc.)

 Please do not forget to sign the Telephone Calls.

 Do not place any orders beyond 10:30pm. All orders may be routed through the respective bearers.

 Please do not allow yourayahs to accompany your children in the club house.

 Please do not park your chauffeur driven cars inside the club on the day of Club programmes. (You may park your Car      on Rawdon Street, adjacent of Kookie Jar, or at Auckland Place and use the Tennis Court side entrance ).

However, please note that on regular days, self driven cars will be given priority of parking.

 Please ensure that your car has club parking stickers. This is important considering the security instructed by the local      police authorities.

Members will appreciate that these norms are not meant to restrict the manner of your enjoyment but rather to make it possible for all other members present to enjoy the facilities that are on offer. Once we recognize this, we shall, even unconsciously, become more considerate to our fellow members.

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